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October 17, 2014

Dear PCM Parents and Patrons,

It has come to our attention that one of our female students was followed home from the middle school.  The vehicle was a grey SUV. The driver turned off 117 and drove either behind or with the student until she reached her home.

There was no attempt to communicate with or grab the student.  The car drove beside the student and parked out front of the house for approximately ten minutes.  

Please remind your children of the stranger danger basics. Ensure all students know to call 911 when an uncomfortable situation occurs. Advise your child to seek the assistant of the closest adult.

If you should observe additional activity such as described above , please notify authorities immediately.

Although this appeared suspicious there was no evidence of danger.

Jane Babcock

PCM Superintendent


PCM Community School District is located just east of the Des Moines metro area in Iowa. The district enrolls approximately 1,000 students in four schools. PCM High School, located in Monroe, is a class 2-A high school serving students in grades 9-12. PCM Middle School, located in Prairie City, serves grades 6-8. Prairie City Elementary serves students in pre-kindergarten to grade 5 in Prairie City. Monroe Elementary serves students in pre-kindergarten to grade 5 in Monroe. Our Business Office is located in the High School.

Until further notice all doors of all PCM buildings will be locked (including front doo
rs). If you wish to enter any building, please call the building's main office number.